Review Of The Lifebook Quest By Jon Butcher: Do You Need More Clarity In Life?

I took The Lifebook Quest by Jon Butcher in March of this year, and I knew it was going to be one of those programs that I would do a review on and likely be recommending to you on Productive Schedule. I was right! The Lifebook Quest helps you create a more focused and driven life, which is what productivity is all about. The quest is through Mindvalley, which is a company that offers courses focused on personal development in a variety of areas. I’ve taken quite a few of their courses, but this was the first quest I took. Here’s my review of – and thoughts on – The Lifebook Quest, including what it’s about, some highlights of it, and whether or not it’s a course you will want to take.

What The Lifebook Quest Is All About

This is a quest to know more about yourself, what you want, where you want to be, who you want to be, and what your life vision should look like. It looks at 12 different areas of your life, and helps you dig into them through a variety of exercises.

The areas include:

  1. Health and fitness
  2. Intellect
  3. Emotions
  4. Character
  5. Spirituality
  6. Love relationships (Even if you are single, you can benefit from this one)
  7. Parenting (Even if you don’t have kids, this one can be applied to kids in your life or kids in general)
  8. Social life
  9. Financial life
  10. Career
  11. Quality of life
  12. Life vision

From Health and Fitness to Life Vision, you spend two days on each topic. The first day gives you a closer look in the category, and the second day takes you even deeper.

Then, in the last few days of the quest, you move on to goal setting, taking action, and your Lifebook.

Create New Habits Throughout The Lifebook Quest

In some of those 12 areas, you are going to create a new habit or strategy that helps you implement what you learn into your life. For instance, on Day 18, which is focused on developing high-quality friendships, you need to choose one social strategy to implement into your life.

Dig Deep Before You Create The Vision And Goals

The Lifebook Quest is great for productivity. When you get a clear vision of who you are and where you want to be, you can come up with more defined goals and create a better schedule for yourself.

I always think of the following quote by Deepak Chopra when I think about having and creating goals. It’s a great reminder that if you put your focus on the things you want, then they can grow – which is why creating specific goals in all areas of your life is so important.

“Water brings life to a garden when you direct it at each plant, but water sprayed aimlessly in the air has no purpose and therefore brings little benefit.” – Deepak

You do have to go through about 27 days before you can really create those goals. Before that, you are simply looking deeper into each area of your life and making discoveries about yourself and what you want. The last few days are where you focus on putting your life vision together and creating goals for that life vision.

Start Off With The Assessment

There is an assessment that you do on Day 2. This does require you to sign up with the main Lifebook site because that’s where the assessment is.

On a scale from strongly disagree to strongly agree, you will pick where you fit in for a variety of statements in each category of your life. When you are done, you get a visual report that helps you get a clearer vision of your individual life categories, how you are doing in them, where your strengths lie, and which category you really want to focus on.

Prerecorded Calls With Jon Butcher And His Wife

You get access to a few prerecorded calls with Jon and his wife Missy. This really adds a lot of content to the quest and can help you clarify some questions you have because this is where people ask questions and Jon and Missy answer.

These prerecorded calls are found in:

  • Day 7 – This call is 1:07 and they discuss questions from the first week of the quest.
  • Day 8 – This call is about 54 minutes long, and it tackles things like what their diet and exercise plan looks like and how to cultivate a strong ‘why’ in order to transform an area you want to transform.
  • Day 13 – This call is about 58 minutes long, and it tackles a variety of questions, such as intellectual goals, how to stay positive, and how to deal with negative people in your family.
  • Day 15 – This call is about 53 minutes long, and it tackles things like how to view the love category as a single person, how to keep your identity in relationships, and advice or someone who has lost a loved one.
  • Day 22 – This call is about 59 minutes long, and it tackles thing like what to do if you have negative beliefs about money and how to balance the categories in Lifebook, especially when you are single and doing it all alone.
  • Day 24 – This call is about 47 minutes long, and they discuss the Lifebook program, time wasters to abundance, and books to read.
  • Day 30 – This call is about 46 minutes long, and you will get more insight into goal setting, SMART goals, and life vision.

That’s just a summary of the things discussed in these calls.

The Lifebook Quest Fits Into Daily Life Really Well

With just the daily videos alone, there is about 600 minutes – or 10 hours – of video by Jon Butcher. That’s a ton of content to go through and, like most courses, it could interfere with your schedule so much that you give up after just a few hours. But that’s not likely to happen with this quest.

The Lifebook Quest is based on the ‘quest format’ through Mindvalley. I love this format. It basically breaks up a full course into a day-by-day thing where instead of spending 10 hours consecutively on a course, you spend 20 minutes a day for 30 days.

Because of this format, Mindvalley says the completion rate is 800% higher than regular courses. So, if you usually don’t finish courses, this quest module may be perfect for you!

And you can listen to the question and answer calls while you are doing something else. For instance, you can listen to them on your drive to work, your morning walk, or as you do the dishes after supper.

I’d Say That You Need To Give Yourself About 30 Minutes Per Day

You do need to give yourself a set time to do the quest. The videos are about 20 minutes, and then the exercises that usually take about 10 minutes to do. You want to put your complete focus on the quest at the time.

In the last few days, when you are focusing on your life vision and goal setting, you are going to need to give yourself some extra time. It took me about 30 minutes, so 50 minutes total.

You think it would take longer, but because you are consistently doing work and exploring your life and what you want each day, you pretty much have all the material you need by the last few days to come up with your life vision and goals.

And, you don’t need to do the quest for 30 days straight either. You can skip a day or two here and there, so it’s not a matter of all or nothing with The Lifebook Quest.

The Lifebook Quest Is Community Driven – Which Is Important

One of the great things about the quest format is that you don’t just start on any day. You start on a particular day with a bunch of other people, which means that you can move through the course day-by-day with a group and discuss concepts, share ideas, and feel connected. It’s exactly like starting a class with a group of other people, except the class is on Facebook. And, all the people from past quests are on there as well. Check out the sales page here to learn when the next Lifebook Quest starts.

I found that for The Lifebook Quest, other people’s ideas were important. There were a few spots where I didn’t know what to do for the exercise. Jon Butcher didn’t really explain things well enough and I was left wondering what the heck I was supposed to do.

For instance, on day one, he gives no explanation for what to do for the exercise. He tells you what the exercise is, but he doesn’t give examples of what he means.  It was pretty self-explanatory, I suppose, but some examples would have really been great. And, when I went to the community, I wasn’t the only one confused about what to do! Luckily there were some people there who had their thinking cap on and knew exactly what he meant. The community often helped me understand what to do or inspired me through their examples.

Don’t Take The Lifebook Quest If You Are Not Going To Do The Work

It’s important that you want to do the exercises each day and examine your life. If not, listening to Jon Butcher talk may help you think about some stuff, but it’s not going to impact your life the way doing the work does.

This quest is about figuring out who you are, not about listening to someone else talk. He just gives you the direction you need to look into each area of your life. You have to do the work.

You Can Go Deeper If You Want To After The Quest

I knew there was a Lifebook program. Jon Butcher and Vishen Lakhiani (founder of Mindvalley) even talked about it in the Masterclass for this quest.

The quest is set up to get you to look at your life deeper. But, apparently, the Lifebook program goes even deeper. The main Lifebook program is 4 days long, held at Jon Butcher’s home, and costs about $7,500 for a single person and $10,000 for a couple. You get an actual binder that is deemed your ‘lifebook’, and you are in a small group setting with a certified Lifebook director guiding you along the way.

The main Lifebook program is supposed to help you completely get clear on what you want and why you want it, and then give you an outline and a system to get what you want.

Do You Need To Go Deeper?

I personally don’t think I need to go deeper. I have read reviews of people who have gone further, and while it sounds like you may gain even more clarity, I think I have enough at the moment to carry me through. In short, if the opportunity came, I don’t know if I would or not. But, there were some people in the community who clearly wanted to take on the next level of the program. So I think it’s very personal.

It wouldn’t hurt to keep digging into the Lifebook system, but at the end of the 30-day quest, you have some pretty good insight into who you are and what you want. In fact, the last few days are about creating a life vision and goals to reach that vision, and with some self-exploration, you can keep going by yourself.

I think the Lifebook program may be really beneficial if you can’t keep going on your own – or clearly see how to – and want more guidance and clarity to help you create a system where are constantly checking in on your life and whether or not it is going in the direction you want.

And that’s the thing, The Lifebook Quest is a starting point to the rest of your life. Once you get into the habit of looking at 12 different areas of your life deeply, you will do it for the rest of your life. As things change, your life vision may change too, so looking at your life deeply is not a one-time thing.

Should You Take This Quest?

If you have a clear vision of where you are going and goals that help you move towards that vision, then probably not. You are not going to get a lot out of this quest. He does have a few insights that you may benefit from – after all, he’s been reflecting on these 12 areas of life for years.

For instance, he does give you some exercises that may help you look at your life differently. But, if you are happy with your life, and have a vision you are moving towards, then you may not get a lot from this Mindvalley quest.

That said, most people will benefit from it. I don’t know too many people who look at all 12 areas of their life that he talks about. If you got excited by this Lifebook quest review and the outline of what’s in the quest, then I would suggest at least trying out. It may be your intuition telling you that you need to get clear on some areas of your life.

Through the quest, you start to see how each area of your life can impact other areas of your life, and it becomes apparent which areas of your life are going to have the most impact on your complete life vision.

Even though you need to start on a specific day, and you only get access to one day at a time, you will get lifetime access to the complete quest once you are done. That means you can go back and look over the quest, take it again, or just listen to the calls with Jon and Missy at your convenience.

Interested? Check out the masterclass to learn more with Jon Butcher or learn more and sign up for the quest here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me in the comments below.

Update December 12th, 2018: The next level up from the Lifebook quest is My Lifebook Online, otherwise known as MYLO. It’s also hosted on Mindvalley. It’s more intense than the quest, and you can get the money you pay for it back if you complete the program. Sign up for this course is only open for a few weeks. If you are interested in My Lifebook Online, take the Masterclass for that course here or you can learn more about what it entails and what you need to do to get your refund here.

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